Our Story


Our Story



Meet Bretton Grassie...

I married the love of my life, my perfect teammate, September 12, 2015. I somehow have wrangled Chris into shooting most events and all weddings with me - so you can expect to see us rarely apart; this is a life and personal choice I stand strongly behind!

I am madly in love with all things life and have a million 'favourites'. I'm more of a salty than sweet snacker (this may say a lot about me, perhaps I'm revealing too much!) and I often get in trouble by other adults for not wearing a jacket or shoes. 

There is so much that I adore about the free spirited. Which is probably why travel has been the basis of my whole life to date and I do not see that stopping anytime soon as I have forcefully made the travel bug bite Chris! I have taken little bits and pieces from each place, person, and land I have met and created this whole perspective that I continue to cultivate and nurture. 

Our biggest adventure was realized on May 10, 2017 as we welcomed our first baby - a boy named Knox Elliott. Adding 'Mom' to my resume has been an incredible adventure and honour. This next chapter of our lives has been even more amazing then even this dreamer could have dreamed up.